Designer Evgenia Bosyakova was born in the city of Bobruisk in Belarus in 1991.

The girl was familiar with fashion from an early age. Focusing on fashion magazines, she drew sketches of clothes, and also dressed up in interesting outfits sewn by her mother, who made the greatest influence on her.

At the age of three, Evgenia creates her first sketch of a dress, inspired by the birth of her sister.

Evgenia's mother is an artist and always supported her daughter in all endeavors and contributed to her creative development.

Thus, the designer graduated from the University of Culture and Arts in Minsk.

In 2009, the first collection was created, which was presented at the national festival of fashion and photography - "Fashion Mill" (Minsk).

In 2012, Evgeniya took the 2nd place in the same festival, after which she presented her collection "Tiramisu" in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland.

In the following years, the designer successfully presented her collections at various competitions in Bulgaria, Russia and Italy.

Her experience helped the designer form the exact image of her client: a woman living in a large European city and holding a high position in society.

The brand's philosophy reflects a woman's sense of freedom, freedom of expression, and yet every piece is imbued with elegance.