Aperitif on November 24 at the Bosyakova art boutique.

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On November 24, another aperitif meeting with clients and friends of designer Evgenia Bosyakova took place at the Bosyakova Art Boutique.

The evening did not feature autumn and winter, only new items from Evgenia's new collection were presented, an exclusive collection of women's ties from Irina Solodovnik and her brand Solotu also debuted in the boutique.

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On the same evening, a wine tasting was held from the manufacturer of antique cassettes and juicers from the supermarket chain Naturasi.

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It is possible to watch and download everything together using the application via the link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11_-BKASOtBHOTCkCHKIoc8fWWXT3c9n-

So what can you do for all the time you get acquainted with the boutique and new products of Brenda Bosyakova through links on social networks:



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