It's hot, I want something juicy. In Rome +40 for 2 weeks already!

Some people go to the sea at such moments, someone eats too much ice cream or sits at home under the air conditioner, and Nastya Babintseva (video maker) and I are ready to shoot the campaign of my summer capsule collection 2022.

Conceptually, futuristic, sexy, bright and juicy - so in a nutshell you can describe the idea. For this idea, I have prepared a beach, casual and even one evening bow. The mix seems strange, but in fact everything is according to the rules of modern fashion.

Enjoy the summer and our video!
Author of the article: Evgeniya Bosyakova

Video: Anastasia Babintseva
Model: Evgeniya Bosyakova
Clothing: Evgeniya Bosyakova

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